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Rapport sur la situation de la liberté de la presse en AUTRICHE

 E. Koeppel
 Height 2,20 m
 Weight 145 kg

INNSBRUCK, Austria -- Out of control, this man attacked a journalist of SAST REPORT guarding the entrance, with a key he held between the ring finger and the middle finger, using it as a deadly weapon. Grumbling like a grizzly bear, ursus arctos horribilis, he -- pretty quickly tried to storm the room in Innsbruck again, following the incident with the private police.

It was a nightmare at first... but fearlessly, the journalists stood their ground and quickly forced him out, so the crook had no chance of snooping around or wounding a person with his claw.

Running away like hell he snatched a mobile phone.

Only some days ago this vicious guy tried to shatter the front door together with another bastard, by delivering several blows of an ax, leaving claw marks.

Until then the journalists didn't know what kind of violent crowd they were dealing with.

According to a very reliable source close to the Koeppel family the mauvais sujet says that he works for "singer" and was trying to steal the tapes of the SAST REPORT interview with Patrick Seale, expert on Middle East affairs.

Security sources said later this man brags about having killed a "sad dog" 10 years ago whose body he dumped in a ditch. Asked whether he's feeling the pressure, he always laughs and replies, "Well, yeah, I asked my attorney, he said no problem if you work at the court, and if they ask you tell them you have done it together with Willi Egger."

For the journalists of SAST REPORT it looked like someone was cashing in his marker -- or was heavily into drugs.

The attack poses the question who is trying to block the publication of the interview about the Israel-Syria negotiations, why they are so nervous and why they want the journalists scared into silence.

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