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"On the average there are roughly fifty burglaries daily in the District of Columbia. Some are reported at length in our newspaper. Most are reported in smallist type in a crime column. Obviously, this burglary was different."
Watergate, Washington Post editor Howard L. Simons in 1973

INNSBRUCK, Austria -- Not surprisingly there have been reprisals against the journalists of SAST REPORT.

Police broke into the room in Innsbruck after midnight, thinking the journalists were not there and looked for the notes of the interview with Patrick Seale, an expert on Middle East affairs. When they left they nicked a can of coke.

"It's embarrassing," Sachsenmaier recently confided to friends and associates. "The burglars can read the interview, when it's published ..."

According to an eyewitness, the coke nickers said, and I quote: "If you are not cooperative, we will have to bring the political editor and the diplomatic writer to a psychiatrist."

Naturally the private police did not pay the bill of the damaged doors and the wrecked furniture up to now.

Neither the Austrian government nor the interior minister Ernst Strasser was available for comment. When the daily protested against these Gestapo methods, a spokesman for the interior minister said an incredible thing: "Was haben Sie denn lieber, dass wir die Redaktion heimlich mit einem Lockpick während Ihrer Abwesenheit öffnen und durchsuchen, oder dass wir Ihnen die Türe einschlagen?"

Very strange.

Dr. hc. mult. Johan Galtung told SAST REPORT: "I myself know these methods very well. When I recently visited Switzerland, the Swiss Police forced me to hand over my manuscript of a speech I was going to give at the university. They wanted to check the contents beforehand! I really was upset. I always say: There are two ways to reign us: To threat us or to corrupt us."

Sachsenmaier said, that Austria should bear full responsibility for this bad and unexplainable accident and issue a formal apology for the role of the Austrian Ministry of the Interior and a payment of compensation. "The Austrian side should not make any erroneous calculation and properly deal with the incident in a responsible manner," he added.

SAST REPORT said it would respond tit for tat, and also denounced the intrusion as an "explicitly unfriendly act", which is raising questions about the true motives of the Austrian side.

photo: they broke into the room in Innsbruck and looked for the notes of the interview photo: they broke into the room in Innsbruck and looked for the notes of the interview photo: they broke into the room in Innsbruck and looked for the notes of the interview photo: they broke into the room in Innsbruck and looked for the notes of the interview
This campaign against journalists is only worthy of deep regret and is a relapse into the Watergate era. If the resignation of Nixon proves the system works, you have to wonder how well that same system might have worked if we'd had a really sophisticated criminal in the White House. "Watergate-style burglary" Un sérieux danger pour la liberté de la presse en autriche. This is a purely political act intended to show SAST REPORT that there is no freedom of press in Austria and that the system doesn't work in that European country. Officially sanctioned
criminal activity
and abuse of power.


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