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presse.GIF la liberté de la presse dans le monde INNSBRUCK, Austria -- Two journalists of SAST REPORT were threatened at the university compound of the University of Innsbruck on 20 October 2004 at 02:40 EDT by two still unknown employees of the University. Two locks were damaged.

One of the perpetrators said slowly: "Ihr seits in einer scheiss Situation. Sogar a Frau habt's dabei. Wenn Ihr so fies seits bin i a fies. Was hab' i schon 'tan: Hausfriedensbruch, a bisserl Sachbeschädigung, an klein' Diebstahl, a Besitzstörung, a bisserl a Nötigung, versuchte Körperverletzung. Krieg i halt a Anzeige. Und wenn i in Häfen geh, seh i wenigstens des arschloch von Institutsvorstand nimma."

The journalists exposed in an article dealings of employees of the University. The article said that young students were physically attacked, threatened and constantly harrassed at the university compound, if they are not in the mood to pay a certain amount of money.

The article also said that american exchange students told SAST REPORT that they suspect they might have been anaesthetised by an unknown gas, while they were sleeping, and that their rooms were then searched. German experts said in the article that Lachgas could have been used in all of these cases, whereas physicians of the University of Innsbruck said that Fentanyl is missing, and that they assume that this gas could have been applied.

"While the threats against students of the University of Innsbruck persist and are still glossed over, we are astonished at this sudden attack against the independent press." SAST REPORT said in a brief statement. "It seems that the prosecuting attorney is anaesthetised as well."

"The american newspaper did its job correctly and its journalists should not have to fear being attacked at the university compound. We call on those involved to drop the action against this daily. We also urge the austrian government to accept that freedom of the press is vital to democracy building."

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