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A Perpetrator of Press Freedom Standing in the Snow


presse.GIF la liberté de la presse dans le monde footprint.JPG footprint in the snow INNSBRUCK, Austria -- The political editor and the diplomatic writer of SAST REPORT were threatened by a still unknown perpetrator, who followed the journalists to an outdoor location in the freezing cold on 21.11.2004.

They were investigating the pollution or industrial poisoning of the Inn River.

The perpetrator cried angrily: "I hab euch alles g'nommen ... I maagk keine Journalisten ... Wenn i euch das equipppment nehm ... habt's gar nicht's mehr ... waas tutt tu machen wenn ii ... [inaudible because of the stormy, icy wind]"

A few minutes later three heavy stones each about 10 kg were thrown at the cameras.

In the early morning, the journalists tracked and photographed many extremely large footprints in the snow, the size of footprints of a Yeti, most of which were identifiable.

The incident, which occurred after midnight, shows that those responsible do everything they can, to threaten and terrorize the independent press with the obvious intention of trying to intimidate journalists.

innriver.JPG - pollution or industrial poisoning of the Inn River
Mileslong pollution of the Inn River. Scary experiences after trying to identify the still unknown pollution source.

Click to see video = Innsbruck 2008 =

SAST REPORT calls for an immediate and thorough investigation leading to the identification and punishment of those responsible for this attack.

"We take this incident very seriously and regard it as a sign of the increasing hostility towards the international press," the daily said. "This alarming deterioration is clearly fuelled by political hatred but it is also sustained by the impunity enjoyed by those responsible for this kind of violence."

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