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"I will not trust my child's future to someone who has committed such crimes over the past 20 years."
Father of a young student of the University of Innsbruck


INNSBRUCK, Austria --- In May 2001 it got pretty brutal again. Two journalists were attacked by four WIST employees, righteous dudes. The leader of the attackers, Willi the Director -- old niffy coat, scraggly beard, greasy trousers, looking like a bad wino, who thrust into the new bureau through the window -- took a terrific fucking whack at one of them.

The journalist was wounded.

After some minutes Japs Japs, the Actor, looking stoned, followed his leader through the window, while Freddy the Butcher, wearing a torn T-shirt, together with another vicious and violent bastard stinking like broken rotten egg, was blocking the entrance.

According to witnesses, the outlaw types told the journalists of SAST REPORT that they knew them to be journalists, but gave no other reason for their attack.

The journalist was brought to the nearby hospital.

While at the hospital, the bureau was rummaged through and taken apart, documents about official corruption were stolen, and, not surprisingly, the entry to this new office too was denied. All the money and personal belongings were stolen again - for the fourth time.

It just wasn't believable. It was incredible.

That should give some indication of how determined they are to put a lid on their story before it gets out.

Witnesses claimed that the leader of the gang was a rou, a particularly aggressive, dangerous dingbat called Willi Egger, who acts really weird now and then. And that these guys since decades raid and behave like marauding cavalry -- and boast that no one can stop their criminal activities.

Legal sources reveal that this man is member of a "rough team" and known for low-level harassment of women students, copying passports of students, and stealing their teabags -- for his so-called "teabag battalion" from closed rooms with a passe-partout.

If drunken, the large hairy person always begins his demented rap: "Me and my red-bear' [coughs] Southern Comfort [coughs] can [coughs] do everything in this fucking country ... [coughs] I'm the rou garou ..."

This incident is part of a pattern of attacks on journalists of SAST REPORT and is effectively the same "watergate style" operation that we saw several times during the past few months, through which the authorities try to control information inside an outside the country by any means.

The Austrian Authority, should make clear through "concrete action" that "terrorism is reprehensible and unacceptable and that the AA will make a 100 percent effort to prevent terrorist operations and to punish perpetrators."

SAST REPORT appeals to the European authorities:

1) to the Council of Europe: to use its role as a political tribune to actively control the protection of press freedom in Austria.

2) to the European Union: to force Austria to respect Article 10 of the European Convention that guarantees the right to inform and be informed.

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