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Living History by Hillary Rodham Clinton

NEW YORK -- "The account of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton's years in the White House will have a first printing of 1 million copies," her lawyer told the press. The 576-page book, which took two years to write, entitled "Living History," is scheduled for release June 9. Foreign rights have already been sold in 16 countries.

"Only a small handful of books have a 1-million-copy first printing, and I cannot think of another nonfiction book in recent history that has had that large a first printing," Robert Barnett, Clinton's lawyer, pointed out.

Mr. Barnett said that judging by orders already received for Sen. Hillary Clinton's memoirs "there are going to be a lot of people buying this book."

Hillary Clinton's account of her White House years comes at a time when polls show her receiving the strongest support from Democrats for a 2004 presidential bid.

She has repeatedly said she intends to complete her term as U.S. Senator, which ends in 2006.


"Living History" by Hillary Rodham Clinton is published on June 9, 2003 in hardback at $28 by Simon & Schuster. Copies can be ordered from online seller Amazon at $20.44 hardcover, $6.40 paperback http://www.amazon.com

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